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Hi! We crafted below a list of Product OKRs examples to help you draft your own OKRs plans.

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All Product OKRs templates

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OKRs to build an amazing user experience

Be laser focused on user delight

Build an amazing user experience
Improve our NPS from 50 to 75
Reach out to 10 low NPS scores to understand their frustrations
Increase the number of weekly active users from 8k to 10k
Implement the equivalent of 100 votes in features
Identify top voted feature requests

OKRs to build a successful MVP

Make sure that you're building something people want

Launch a successful MVP
We have 100 weekly active users
Implement core features
Build a landing page to recruit beta users
Achieve a NPS score above 40
Send NPS surveys to all users
Fix core issues mentioned in surveys
We have 5 paid customers
Integrate with Stripe
Launch pricing plans

OKRs to achieve Product-Market fit

Build a product that sticks, with clear appeal from the market

Achieve Product-Market fit
40% of new users are still active after 2 months
Talk to 20 leads and users
Identify and build core missing features
Get 100 new leads every week
Build a sustainable growth channel
Establish referral program to turn successful users into advocates
Get a 40% score on Product-Market fit survey
Create a product-market fit survey on Typeform
Send survey to existing beta users

OKRs to help customers expand usage faster

Accelerate growth by focusing on the expansion of existing customers

Help customers expand faster
25% of new customers expand to 5+ users in their first week.
Add domain sharing marketing email to the drip feed
Include step to invite team in the onboarding process
60% of customers have turned on the team domain sharing
Publish post explaining the benefits of using the platform with a team
Run special marketing campaign to increase activation

OKRs to develop a new in-product referrals program

Leverage existing users as a new growth channel.

Develop a new in-product referrals program
Get 3 referrals per customers on average across all accounts
Identify opportunities for network effects
Improve onboarding of referred users to keep conversion above 40%
Get 60% of new customer accounts to refer at least one other customer
Add referral step in the onboarding drip feed
Create incentive to reward customers for referring users

OKRs to create a successful MVP

Here's a simple set of metrics and initiatives to help you iterate on your MVP with great success

Create a successful MVP
Our NPS is above 40 with early adopters
Sign up for Wootric to get NPS feedback
Identify and solve top 5 improvement requests
60% of users complete their onboarding process
Our 8-week retention rate is above 30%