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OKRs to get started with Tability

This is a simple OKRs example to see what Tability can do.

Be ready to roll out Tability to your team
Understand the core features of Tability
Create a check-in
Connect Tability to Slack
Take a look at the sample plan

OKRs to build a successful MVP

Make sure that you're building something people want

Launch a successful MVP
We have 100 weekly active users
Implement core features
Build a landing page to recruit beta users
Achieve a NPS score above 40
Send NPS surveys to all users
Fix core issues mentioned in surveys
We have 5 paid customers
Integrate with Stripe
Launch pricing plans

OKRs to achieve record growth and profits

Simple OKRs to double your growth.

Achieve record growth and profits
Double MRR from 400K to 800K
Keep customer acquisition costs under $1K
Improve sales material
Hire ad specialist to optimize our campaigns
Attack new markets
Identify 2 new regions to grow into
Build a list of 10 possible regions
Narrow down the 2 that seems the most attractive
Get $100K revenue from new regions

OKRs to build an amazing user experience

Be laser focused on user delight

Build an amazing user experience
Improve our NPS from 50 to 75
Reach out to 10 low NPS scores to understand their frustrations
Increase the number of weekly active users from 8k to 10k
Implement the equivalent of 100 votes in features
Identify top voted feature requests

OKRs to prepare a successful product launch

Build an audience and set yourself up for success on launch day

Be on track for a successful launch of next quarter
Secure 10 press articles with known publications
Create PR kit
List 25 journalists that could be interested in writing about us
Enroll 5 influencers to boost our profile on social media on launch day
Build a mailing list of 1,0000 people
Create landing page with beta signup form
List on Product Hunt as an upcoming product
Share on Reddit, HackerNews, etc...
Find relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups

OKRs to improve self-serve onboarding

Focus efforts on the activation part of your funnel

Our users can onboard the product by themselves with success
70% of new leads complete their activation process on their first day
Add in-product help to guide users through the onboarding
Add sample data to customer instances on load
80% of our users are satisfied with the onboarding
Add onboarding satisfaction survey to the drip feed
We have 10 tutorials covering core parts of the product

OKRs to implement ad-tracking with Google

Improve event tracking for your Marketing campaigns

Improve tracking and analytics
All websites have Google Ads tracking properly setup
Install tracking on all websites
Check that conversions are firing properly
Sync Google Ads and Google Analytics content
Increase the number of events tracked from 10 to 100
Implement click-tracking for main actions
Create funnels for the core user journeys

OKRs to achieve Product-Market fit

Build a product that sticks, with clear appeal from the market

Achieve Product-Market fit
40% of new users are still active after 2 months
Talk to 20 leads and users
Identify and build core missing features
Get 100 new leads every week
Build a sustainable growth channel
Establish referral program to turn successful users into advocates
Get a 40% score on Product-Market fit survey
Create a product-market fit survey on Typeform
Send survey to existing beta users

OKRs to improve engineering release cycles

Move fast, but don't break things

Significantly increase the speed of our development cycle
Reduce build times from 25 to under 5 mins
Reduce cycle time from 28 days to 6 days
Automate all deployment steps
Implement CD pipeline for the staging environment
Improve developer NPS from 20 to 60

OKRs to optimize SEO readiness

Optimize your website to increase SEO performance

Significantly improve our SEO performance
Add meta description and titles to 100% of website pages
Identify missing pages via Ahrefs
Create project page to track completion
Reduce load time of pages to be under 1s
Cache website content for faster loading times
Identify and fix all broken links

OKRs to become the best place to work

Build a great environment where people can do their best work

Become the best place to work in the country
Interview 20% of the company to identify ways to improve
Create anonymous feedback survey
Schedule interviews with 20% of the team
Achieve a employee NPS score of 50
Identify and solve top 10 issues within the org
Get all managers to implement weekly 1:1s with their team

OKRs to build a strong, consistent brand

Make sure that your identity and language is unique and consistent

Build a strong, consistent brand
Our brand guidelines cover 100% of our public facing assets
80% of people can clearly identify our brand vs. other competitors in blind tests
All websites/emails/keynotes are using the new brand guidelines

OKRs to use content marketing for growth

Leverage content as a stable source of leads

Content is a significant driver for growth
Increase traffic to our blog to 3k visits/week
Create a new microsite optimised on targeted keywords
Hire writer to post every week
Check Ahrefs report and fix SEO issues
Increase content-to-lead conversion to 9%
Add CTAs on all content websites
20 partners have joined our content partner program

OKRs to grow sales effort in new markets

Focus your sales efforts in specific regions

Develop a strong presence in <country>
25% of new sales come from <country>
10 of top 100 companies in <country> are customers
Achieve 25K MRR in <country>

OKRs to turn customers into advocates

Develop a strong customer advocacy muscle in your org

Our customers are championing our product and services
Get 100 reviews on G2 or Capterra
Identify happy users through NPS feedback
We get 20 leads every week coming from our referral program
Build a partner community
Create supporting material for our partners
We have published 10 customer success stories

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