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Hi! We crafted below a list of Design OKRs examples to help you draft your own OKRs plans.

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All Design OKRs templates

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OKRs to reduce the number of UX issues found in production

Increase upfront testing to reduce the number of UX-related complaints

Reduce the number of UX issues found in production
At least 20 design tests are run every month
UX issues represent fewer than 10% of new bug reports
Enroll 100 users to our early-access program

OKRs to scale development with a design system

Reduce development costs by standardizing UI development

Every team can build interfaces autonomously
The Design System covers 100% of common UI components
List required components
Build library of components
80% fo the teams are using the UI library to build new features
Release UI kit MVP

OKRs to build a strong, consistent brand

Make sure that your identity and language is unique and consistent

Build a strong, consistent brand
Our brand guidelines cover 100% of our public facing assets
80% of people can clearly identify our brand vs. other competitors in blind tests
All websites/emails/keynotes are using the new brand guidelines

OKRs to develop a voice-of-the-customer program

Help your org be more customer-driven by sharing customer feedback

Put customer feedback at the center of our projects
Recruit 100 users for our UX lab
Conduct 5 UX tests per week
Achieve 70%+ open rate on our customer feedback newsletter