Engineering OKRs template

OKRs example to improve engineering release cycles

Move fast, but don't break things

Significantly increase the speed of our development cycle
Reduce build times from 25 to under 5 mins
Reduce cycle time from 28 days to 6 days
Automate all deployment steps
Implement CD pipeline for the staging environment
Improve developer NPS from 20 to 60

About this Engineering OKRs example

This template can be tracked in Tability, a modern platform for OKRs.
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You can go faster while maintaining a high quality of releases.

This OKRs focuses on improving the continuous delivery pipeline to get faster builds and simpler releases.

The less devs have to wait once they push their code, the easier it'll be for them to validate their implementation and move on to the next bit of work.

Move fast, but don't break things.

How to use these templates

You can find this template in Tability, a platform that helps teams get their goals out of spreadsheets.

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