Analytics OKRs template

OKRs example to implement ad-tracking with Google

Improve event tracking for your Marketing campaigns

Improve tracking and analytics
All websites have Google Ads tracking properly setup
Install tracking on all websites
Check that conversions are firing properly
Sync Google Ads and Google Analytics content
Increase the number of events tracked from 10 to 100
Implement click-tracking for main actions
Create funnels for the core user journeys

About this Analytics OKRs example

This template can be tracked in Tability, a modern platform for OKRs.
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This OKRs will provide you a checklist to start adding event tracking to your Marketing campaign. As a result you will have better data to iterate on your efforts and maximize the impact of your work.

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How to use these templates

You can find this template in Tability, a platform that helps teams get their goals out of spreadsheets.

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