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Hi! We crafted below a list of Content OKRs examples to help you draft your own OKRs plans.

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All Content OKRs templates

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OKRs to generate significant growth through Content Marketing

Build better brand awareness and boost the performance of your content

Increase brand awareness through engagement with industry thought leaders
Secure five published interviews on industry websites
Co-publish a thought leadership white paper with leading analyst
Improve blog readership
Boost blog subscribers by 30%
Increase the number of shared blogs across platforms by 25%
Identify CTA sharing placements on all websites

OKRs to use content marketing for growth

Leverage content as a stable source of leads

Content is a significant driver for growth
Increase traffic to our blog to 3k visits/week
Create a new microsite optimised on targeted keywords
Hire writer to post every week
Check Ahrefs report and fix SEO issues
Increase content-to-lead conversion to 9%
Add CTAs on all content websites
20 partners have joined our content partner program