Sales OKRs template

OKRs example to achieve record growth and profits

Simple OKRs to double your growth.

Achieve record growth and profits
Double MRR from 400K to 800K
Keep customer acquisition costs under $1K
Improve sales material
Hire ad specialist to optimize our campaigns
Attack new markets
Identify 2 new regions to grow into
Build a list of 10 possible regions
Narrow down the 2 that seems the most attractive
Get $100K revenue from new regions

About this Sales OKRs example

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Not much to explain here! Sales OKRs can be pretty straightforward as they often match to clear KPIs.

In this example we divide the OKRs between pure targets and efforts to develop new growth channels.

How to use these templates

You can find this template in Tability, a platform that helps teams get their goals out of spreadsheets.

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