Product OKRs template

OKRs example to achieve Product-Market fit

Build a product that sticks, with clear appeal from the market

Achieve Product-Market fit
40% of new users are still active after 2 months
Talk to 20 leads and users
Identify and build core missing features
Get 100 new leads every week
Build a sustainable growth channel
Establish referral program to turn successful users into advocates
Get a 40% score on Product-Market fit survey
Create a product-market fit survey on Typeform
Send survey to existing beta users

About this Product OKRs example

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This template looks at 3 different things to make sure that your product is ready for growth:

  1. Product-usage fit: you're able to retain a solid number of new users after 8 weeks of usage.
  2. Product-distribution fit: you know how to find new customers.
  3. Product-experience fit: people are raving about your tool.

(1) and (3) might look similar, but there are many situation where people can be forced to use a tool while not enjoying the experience.

Sending a Product-Market Fit survey will help you understand how you can turn users into advocates.

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