Design OKRs template

OKRs example to build a strong, consistent brand

Make sure that your identity and language is unique and consistent

Build a strong, consistent brand
Our brand guidelines cover 100% of our public facing assets
80% of people can clearly identify our brand vs. other competitors in blind tests
All websites/emails/keynotes are using the new brand guidelines

About this Design OKRs example

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What makes a strong brand?

It's a question that's hard to answer, but there are a couple of things that you can measure to increase your confidence. This templates cover 2 aspects:

  • Make sure that we have consistency across all the assets.
  • Do a simple brand recognition test to make sure that people associate our assets with our org.

How to use these templates

You can find this template in Tability, a platform that helps teams get their goals out of spreadsheets.

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