Product OKRs template

OKRs example to build a successful MVP

Make sure that you're building something people want

Launch a successful MVP
We have 100 weekly active users
Implement core features
Build a landing page to recruit beta users
Achieve a NPS score above 40
Send NPS surveys to all users
Fix core issues mentioned in surveys
We have 5 paid customers
Integrate with Stripe
Launch pricing plans

About this Product OKRs example

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This OKRs template is built for early-stage teams looking to get early tractions for their projects. It shifts the focus on usage rather than features, to help you prioritize the right work.

Tracking the number of active users will help keep the scope in check, and it will push you to think about what's missing to get people on board.

The second outcome is here to ensure that existing users stay happy with the experience provided. It's here to balance your lead-generation effort and make sure that you don't focus solely on acquisition.

Finally, we're adding another KR to track conversions to paid. It will help validate demand, or learn what's missing to get the first paid account.

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